Game of Thrones

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I have been delaying it but today I finally decided to start reading Game of Thrones. I so want to read the paperback copy but thinking I just might take longer (considering I have limited me-time these days), I am settling with the ebook version. I am excited to know what the fuss is all about with this series of books. And when I am done reading, I will definitely watch the series because my brothers tell me that the episodes are so good.

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Harry Potter Anime



Speaking of Harry Potter, I found in Twitter a link to this image which shows Harry Potter characters in anime:

Harry Potter Anime 

I love how the artist was able to capture the personality of them all. And it’s a plus that the generation before Harry was also illustrated. Is there actually a comic/anime version of Harry Potter?


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Now Reading: Hunger Games Trilogy


My friends recommended the book Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins a few weeks ago. This one is followed by two more books Catching Fire and Mockingjay, making the story an obvious trilogy. Just before Easter, I was able to finish Book 1 and I am currently halfway through the 2nd book. My phasing is slower these days but I consider myself hooked on the story. The classification is young-adult – yes I still read this type of books, LOL.

According to Wikipedia:

The Hunger Games trilogy takes place in an unidentified future time period after the destruction of North America, in a nation known as “Panem.” Panem used to consist of a rich Capitol, located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, and thirteen surrounding, poorer districts which cater to the Capitol’s needs. As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol wherein the thirteenth district was supposedly destroyed, every year one boy and one girl from each of the remaining twelve districts, between the ages of twelve and eighteen, are selected by lottery and forced to participate in the “Hunger Games.” The Games are a televised event where the participants, called “tributes,” must fight to the death in a dangerous outdoor arena until only one remains. The winning tribute and his/her corresponding district is then rewarded handsomely. It is required viewing for everyone in the districts.”

The main character Katniss becomes a tribute after volunteering to take her sister Prim’s place. Imagine a 16-year old  to face possible death head on. Pretty scary huh? But Katniss is not your usual weakling of a teenager. That’s where the story becomes interesting :)

The movie adaptation is currently in production. I cannot wait to see it. For now I will just have to satisfy myself with the books.


Jodi Picoult Books

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Ever since I finished reading My Sister’s Keeper, I was curious about the other books by Jodi Picoult as well. Most, if not all of her stories revolves around families and the author is not too afraid to tell about controversial issues. I finished reading Perfect Match and Nineteen Minutes, too. While the stories are pretty hard on emotions, I read the stories and found myself gripped by them. Perfect Match tackled pedophilia (even ones committed by a clergyman) and Nineteen Minutes is about bullying and massacre. I am planning to read the rest of the books.


Titles: Songs of the Humpback Whale (1992), Harvesting the Heart (1994), Picture Perfect (1995), Mercy (1996), The Pact (1998), Keeping Faith (1999), Plain Truth (2000), Salem Falls (2001), Perfect Match (2002), Second Glance (2003), My Sister’s Keeper(2004), Vanishing Acts (2005), The Tenth Circle (2006) Nineteen Minutes (2007), Change of Heart (2008), Handle With Care (2009), House Rules (2010) — the last four of which debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list, – and her newest novel, SING YOU HOME (2011).

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William and Kate: A Royal Love Story

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This is my mom’s current read which she got on her birthday. Here is the product description from Amazon:

I put it to William, particularly, that if you find someone you love in life, you must hang on to that love and look after it. . . . You must protect it. —Diana, Princess of Wales

Theirs was destined from the start to be one of the most celebrated unions of the twenty-first century: he, the charismatic prince who would someday be crowned king of England; she, the stunningly beautiful commoner who won his heart. Prince William and Kate Middleton defied all odds to forge a storybook romance amid the scandals, power struggles, tragedies, and general dysfunction that are the hallmarks of Britain’s Royal Family. In the process, they became the most written about, gossiped about, admired, and envied young couple of their generation.

Yet for most of their nearly decade-long affair, William and Kate have remained famously quiet and kept their royal relationship a tantalizing mystery. Now, as their long-anticipated wedding finally approaches, journalist and #1 New York Times bestselling author Christopher Andersen reveals the intimate details of their celebrated courtship and offers a mesmerizing glimpse of the man and wife—and future king and queen—they will become:

· William’s lifelong role as confidant and adviser to his fragile mother, and how it has shaped his relationship with Kate

· The lengths the couple went to to keep their affair secret, from their first days together as university students (when he cheered her on as she modeled racy lingerie at a fashion show)

· William’s romantic conquests before—and during—his decade-long romance with Kate

· The person who was really behind their headline-making breakup—and how Kate won back her prince

· The shocking sex-and-drugs scandals involving Kate’s wild relatives, and how the would-be queen survived them

· The long-troubling influence of William’s substance-abusing aristocrat friends and the depression Kate rescued him from

· Stunning new information on the threats to both their lives, the nightmare scenario that haunts William’s dreams to this day, and their narrow escape from repeating Diana’s fate

· Surprising details on the Queen’s historic plans for William and Kate, which will forever change the face of the monarchy

For many, William and Kate’s union represents an opportunity to recapture the magic—the compelling and complicated legacy—of his beloved mother Diana, Princess of Wales. Part glittering fairy tale, part searing family drama, part political potboiler, part heart-stopping cliff-hanger, theirs is, above all else, an affair to remember.


Like mom, I am curious about the celebrated couple. I am actually next in line to read the book. I hope she finishes it soon so i can take a look into the love story.


Stumbled Upon: LIfe’s Little Mysteries



If I tell you that I actually bought these books (the second one was fancied by my husband when we were in Costco, and who am I to decline when it is not always that he likes to read books?!):

einstein bookforboys

What comes to mind? Looking at these titles, you’d know that I am into trivial matters, too :) So I am so giddy to have found a site with lots of trivia to share: Life’s Little Mysteries! Hop on to the site and you just might find a carefully researched and well-written answer to your question!

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