Top Ten Marriage Proposals by Geeks



I was proposed to in a not so traditional way. My then boyfriend invited some kids for a McDonald’s Party and had one of them act as the birthday celebrant. I still remember every detail of that day almost five years ago. Needless to say, I answered “Yes!” and got married on 01 July 2006.

I found this interesting article which listed the top ten geekiest wedding proposals. Check it out if you want to be amused :)

  1. Super Mario – the girl played a Mario game which was hacked by the guy who arranged the coins to ask the question.
  2. iPhone App – guy created a treasure hunt application that sent the girl around San Francisco.
  3. Little Big Planet – the game’s level creation functionality was utlilized.
  4. iPod – the lucky girl got a diamond ring and an engraved iPod.
  5. Chrono-Trigger – super romantic hack that was customized with the couple’s notable locations, quotes and experiences.
  6. Google Street View – version 2.0
  7. Megatouch – the company was into the secret too!
  8. Twitter – enough said.
  9. iPhone Ad – familiar iPhone ad with a twist.
  10. LOLcats.

To view the videos click here.