BUMP: The Photo Transfer App



It started when I realized I was running out of phone space. I would bug the husband to back-up my photos (I used to have more than a thousand pictures in my phone and they’re eating up to much space) in his computer since his PC is our main storage for pictures and phone data. Plus hubby is my tech guy and anything computer related, he does for me. He is not very comfortable with the idea of just an occasional backing up of files but then he doesn’t always have time to help me out. So he searched for a nice app that can probably answer my needs. After all, the saying goes: There’s an App for that! Right? :)

He came across BUMP. Basically it is similar to the old Bluetooth technology where you can share data with another device. But with this app, you literally bump the devices on each other and data such as photos shall be transferred already.

Photo 5Photo 6Photo 4

Pardon the quality of the images, I don’t have time to post-process to make them clearer. You just have to download the Bump app, connect to WiFi or 3G (the other device must have Bump and connection too), choose the photos to send, Click Bump now, lightly bump the devices on each other, allow access by clicking Connect, and viola the photos are transferred and automatically saved in the photo library. Location Services for the app must be turned on too.

I said a while ago that I need an app to transfer photos to my laptop right? Yes, Bump can also do that. Just go to and allow access to your location. Go to your app in the iPhone, Touch or iPad and find the photos that need to be transferred. Click Bump now and lightly bump your device on the laptop’s space bar. Allow connection and see your photos magically transfer to the laptop :) I need not connect using a cable to transfer files which for me is fool-proof enough.

Photo 3

To understand it better, you may want to check out this post by Addictive Tips which I found helpful (well, the husband found it for me, LOL!). This also works for Android devices, by the way.

This app is so awesome, I now use it all the time ;) Try it!

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WordPress Security Breach



This just in: Hackers have breached the security and broken into several servers in WordPress. This was announced by Automattic, the company behind the widely-used blogging platform. Any information in the server may be currently at risk. It was a low-level root access breach, though, so identifiable user information is unlikely swiped but this is to be confirmed as the company is yet to complete the investigation. Automattic engineers are working to patch any holes in its security. If you are on a self hosted blog, do not worry as yours was not affected.

Security breaches is an ugly subject. And even if a company is tight about it, hackers are sure to find a way to breach it. Everyone just needs to be vigilant all the time.


Increasing Your Site Traffic



I used to be really clueless about stuff like this. I did not know the importance of traffic until I started earning online. I used to think that it is enough that I blog daily or be friendly with other bloggers but I realized that it takes more than that to optimize my blogs. Search engine optimization is the goal so advertisers will find your site appealing. There are many SEO tips that I read, one of which is to subscribe to a directory submission service. Another is to choose keywords wisely. I still  have a long way to go, so much to learn. I am taking it one step at a time.


PayPal Experienced Outages

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Yesterday PayPal experienced some downtime for almost two hours. Users had a hard time sending or receiving, even just logging in was a an issue. It has something to do with the API and the site would time out. For people like me who depend on PayPal for my freelance job, it could have been a nightmare! i am glad I was out of the house for two consecutive days that I did not feel it. and just just any pro-active site, PayPal engineers were able to resolve it even before the news broke out.

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Facebook: New Process for Accepting Friend Requests

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I was searching the internet for tips on how to get rid of chest acne. Someone I know was hoping to skip going to the dermatologist so he asked me instead if I have ideas. That’s actually what I did since I opened my lappy. But then I got sidetracked when I stumbled upon an article about a new Facebook process for accepting friend requests. The “Ignore” button will now be replaced with a “Not Now” choice aside from “Accept”. This means that the request will be set aside and placed in a new “Hidden Requests” menu which users can access in the future. The person requesting for connection will never receive a “request hidden” notification. Instead he/she will just continue seeing “Awaiting Friend Confirmation” sending a message that you have not taken any action just yet.

All previously marked “Not Now” may be later revisited in the hidden requests where users can either choose “Confirm” or “Delete Request”. The latter option will also prompt the user to mark the person as someone he/she does not know the other party personally and the requester will be blocked from adding the user again in the future. This is good news for all users because abuse will be avoided. 


Have You Seen the New Twitter?



Forgive me for being kind of late in sharing this but since I haven’t been using Twitter via web (I’m mostly on Gravity, Echofon, Chromed Bird or mobile web) and I was out on errands the practically the whole day today, I missed this altogether until tonight. Everyone seems to talk about it already! Do check out this video:

It’s pretty cool, eh?

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Facebook marked 500 million users

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Obviously, a lot of people got hooked and signed up for Facebook. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg proudly blogged about how individuals from around the world are members of his social networking site. This milestone is being celebrated by introducing an application that lets users share “incredible stories of the moving and interesting ways they’ve used Facebook.”

Most recent issues the site faced are the privacy settings and the feeling of some that their privacy is violated. But FB peeps continuously do research and find ways to make things better. While a lot of users complain, the membership numbers still increase because people have already realized the powerful tool (to connect with old and new friends at least) that is Facebook.

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Twitter API limit

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When the husband bought me my mobile unit, he installed it with Gravity, a Twitter app. That was the first time I came across the term “API limit”  (or at least it was the first time I got a bit curious) because I would exceed that limit every now and then. I never gave it much thought especially when I found out that API stands for Application Programming Interface and that it affects developers more than the user. For Twitter, It is the service that limits the use of the application in an hour or the number of times the application is allowed to ‘”contact” the Twitter servers within an hour.

The last few days however, I was in Twitter API hell. I log on in my phone and stay for a few minutes then I would exceed the limit right away. The percentage would just drop each second! And then I go to my Chromed Bird, same thing would happen. I got tired of it and just spent my time Twittering (reading and back-reading as opposed to Tweeting which means actually typing something, well that’s just how I define it) via web and mobile web.

When I found the time, I went to search for answers.

So the Twitter API limit is 350/hour but does not apply for every application but every user. Confusing? Well, let’s put it this way: When my laptop is open, I have a Twitter app for Chrome (Chromed Bird) and Firefox (Echofon), and then there’s Gravity in my phone as already mentioned. So if all three applications are running at the same time, when my timeline updates, that would be three contacts (tweets, replies and messages) times three applications equals nine calls to the servers! And if my applications are all set to update every minute, then no wonder my allocation is easily depleted.

Now here’s the catch, because the big whale kept on showing up (meaning the site is over-capacity) Twitter management decided to do something about it. Their solution is not (yet) to upgrade servers but to send users to crazy land by slashing the API limit to 50% or 175/hour! This is why even if I changed the auto update times and used one app at a time, I’d still exceed my limit. When I found out about this, I stuck with the web version.

This afternoon, I realized the 350/hr limit is back. I am a happy camper once again :)