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French Open 2010 Ladies’ Fashion



I only got hooked in watching Tennis in 2008 before I learned that I was pregnant with my DD. I was drawn to the beautiful faces of Ana Ivanovic and Rafael Nadal :) Anyway, before then, I never knew that female players (at least some of them) actually dress up to play. That adds spice to the matches I think. I actually look forward to the gear (and wish I can still fit nicely in them! LOL). ;)

French Open this year is no different. Check out the clothes!


Ana Ivanovic


Victoria Azarenka


Caroline Wozniacki, Stella McCartney’s current muse.


Aravane Rezai. I was actually not too excited about the dress because it is gold (the whole back is gold). Imagine having to watch her on the court under the sunlight?! My eyes, my eyes!

The Williams sisters never fail to amaze…


Serena in Neon Blue and Green, woah!


Venus! I think she takes the cake in Black lace with red trimmings. Playing or going to bed?!

I cannot wait to see what the others will wear (Maria!). Let’s all wait until everyone is done with round 1!